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We have multiple projects going on at any one time. Below are some projects that you may be interested in getting involved with to generate a healthy passive income for yourself.

Email us to let us know you are interested in being notified when new project opportunites as they come along.

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    20 Terrace Houses, Henderson

    Completion due 2024. 2, 3 and 4 bedroom terrace houses in close proximity to Henderson shopping centre and transport. Nice street with good outlook.

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    5 Homes With Sea Views, Northcross

    Completion due 2023. 4 bedroom freestanding homes, and a 3 bedroom duplex with nice sea views.

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    4 Freestanding Homes, Murrays Bay

    Completion March 2023. 4 freehold homes in the much sought after school zone of Murrays Bay Primary & Rangitoto College. Perfect for families with kids at primary, intermediate or college.

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    5 House Subdivision, Massey

    Completion August 2022. Two freestanding homes, and 3 terrace houses in a great location. Easy access to motorway and shopping centres.

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    8 Terrace Houses, Henderson

    Completion December 2021. Location, location, location. Four duplexes with 4 bedrooms and single internal access garage. Landscaped grounds.

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    4 Townhouses, Torbay

    Completed September 2020. Brand new freestanding townhouses with sea views, established as investment properties.

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    Terrace Housing Investment

    Completed November 2019. Four brand new terrace houses for rental investments. Multi-storey, 4 bedroom quality homes with double internal access garages.

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    Freestanding & Duplex Investments

    Completion September 2019. Three new homes - one duplex and one freestanding home - all freehold rental investments.

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Who Can Invest?

If you meet at least one of the following criteria you are likely to be eligible to invest...
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Investments over $750,000

People who invest more than $750,000.

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High net worth individuals

Those that have net assets or consolidated turnover in the last 2 years of more than $5M.

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Experienced investors

Investors that have held or invested in investments of $1M+ in the last 2 years.

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Close associates and relatives

Relatives and close business associates of our directors.

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Those in the business of investment/financial products, insurer, broker, financial advisor etc.

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Those that don't meet any other criteria, but are able to certify themselves that they meet the FMC Act requirements.

Investment Opportunities

Receive good passive returns on your money or equity, while you relax.

Presales Available

Option to buy early at a discount. Perfect for your own home or a low mainteance rental.

Own Your Brand New Home

Complete and ready to go. Just open the door and walk in. Everything at your fingertips.

Bring Us Deals

Earn a finders fee. Bring us off market properties and reap the rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Key information about investing in The Infinity Group Limited.

The Infinity Group invests in Infinity Homes Limited which is a property development company which buys property, subdivides and builds new homes for sale or investment. You would be investing money into The Infinity Group which funds the property developments in Infinity Homes.
Property has outstripped other forms of investments for many decades, giving it a well established track record. We have honed our method over the last 10 years with consistent proven results.
The FMA (Financial Market Authority) provides detailed rules on what we are allowed to offer (as summarised in the Who Can Invest? section above). How much you need to invest to qualify is determined by which category you fit into. In addition to this, The Infinity Group has a minimum investment requirement of $400,000 (although we are open to discuss this limit with individuals on a case by case basis).
You can register your interest with us anytime. Once we know you meet the investor qualifying criteria we will add you to our notification list. When suitable projects or phases require investment we will notify you at least 2 weeks in advance.
At the end of the project or project phase your money will be returned to you. A full end-to-end project is approximately 2 years. The planning phase is approximately 6-9 months. So it depends what you invest in.
For standard investment offers, your return will be 10% per annum gross. This will be paid as interest monthly (in arrears).
All NZ income is subject to tax. As your return is a gross return, tax will need to be paid. Depending on what type of investment structure is setup between The Infinity Group and yourself tax will either be deducted by The Infinity Group on your behalf, or you will be responsible for paying your tax.

Overseas investors are also required to pay tax in New Zealand on this income. There are a number of countries with Double Tax Agreements with New Zealand so that you do not need to pay tax twice. It is important to discuss this with your financial advisor.
Yes, there is a minor annual maintenance fee to cover the accounting costs of interest payments and tax deductions. These fees are expected to be circa $200 p.a.
At The Infinity Group we believe in delivering beyond the ordinary. Everything that is under our control we focus on optimising its efficiency to increase ROI without compromising quality. We have extensive experience with over 10 years in property development proven track record, and over 20 years experience in the property industry.

Team Members

Our team have been operating in professional businesses for over 25 years. And have over 20 years experience in the property industry, with 10 years experience in property development.

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