About Infinity Homes

Our Story - Mark & Li

Mark and Li both had successful professional careers in Solution Architecture and Quality Assurance respectively. They were leaders in their fields, provided solutions for some of the biggest companies in New Zealand and internationally, mentored others and operated their own software company. However, whilst they were comfortable they still couldn't get to where they wanted financially. They needed something to take them beyond the status quo, beyond the ordinary, to live a different way.

Its about the lifestyle. Catch the excellence of living in the comfort of your home. Live beyond the Joneses. The perfection of convenience in every detail. Surround yourself with warmth and style. Don't settle for the status quo. Extend your dreams. Live beyond ordinary.

So they made a big change, turned their hands to the property industry. They learnt how to develop new properties effectively and efficiently. They had a passion for doing it better than others. Quality and efficiency was at the core. Their years of architecting, solutioning, process management and quality control all coming into play to do it better. Starting with one house, and growing from there. And the financial and lifestyle rewards followed. They started living beyond.

And now they seek new goals, extending themselves, growing further beyond. They have a passion to help others reach their potential, and now provide opportunities for others to join them on their journey.

Our Dream - For You

At the same time as seeking to grow ourselves, we also seek to help others to live beyond. This is why we offer you the opportunity to work with us in the following ways...

  • Invest, and receive a healthy passive return.
  • Prepurchase a home at a discount, or for investment.
  • Find us properties, and receive a finders fee.
  • Partner with us as a supplier, service provider, or complimentary business.

If you see potential in investing with us, contact us and lets discuss the options.

If you see opportunity for your business in working with us, or that you believe you can add value to us, we'd love to talk.


End-to-End Developments

Complete beginning to end projects. We take care of it all.


Adding value to property by dividing and multiplying.

We Help You Make Money

Get a passive income, by getting your money or equity to work for you.

Build To Sell or Build To Hold

Whether it be profit via sale or equity gain within an investment property.

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