Case Study - Freestanding Plus Duplex

  • Location: Avondale
  • Date: 2018-2019
  • Land Size: 1064m2
  • Complexity: Medium
  • Plan: Subdivide into 3
  • Build: Build Duplex + 1 New
  • Freestanding Home

About The Project

Located in Auckland where many professionals wish to live, this was a great location for providing more housing. The idea was to replace the existing 3 bedroom house and build 3 new dwellings, comprised of a single freestanding house and a duplex.

What We Did

After removing the existing house, the subdivision works were carried out, followed by the construction of the 3 new dwellings as planned.

  • Planning permission and subdivision resource consents.
  • Collaborating with architect to prepare Building Consents.
  • Remove the existing old house, and clean the site.
  • Civil works and building platform preparation carried out.
  • Optimising timeline by staggering work between houses.
  • Construction and landscaping of 3 new homes.
  • Preparing homes and landscaping for tenancy.
  • Rent out all new homes with letting agents.


On completion of this project we had...

  • Reduced holding costs by optimising concurrent building.
  • Turned 1 large property into 3 properties 263-511m2.
  • Built 3 brand new two-storey homes, 182-211m2.
  • Provided indoor-outdoor flow for all 3 properties.
  • Landscaped the entire site.
  • Good location for schools, shopping & public transport.
  • Produced a healthy equity gain.
  • Generated 3 sets of happy tenants.

Looking for a healthy return on investment?