Case Study - Terrace Housing Investment

  • Location: Glenfield
  • Date: 2018-2019
  • Land Size: 767m2
  • Complexity: Medium
  • Plan: Subdivide into 4
  • Build: Build 4 New
  • Terrace Houses

About The Project

This project involved replacing an older single 3 bedroom rental investment property with 4 brand new rental terrace houses. Each of the new houses would be three storey and have 3 or 4 bedrooms each with double internal access garages. Ultimately transforming from 3 bedrooms into 15 bedrooms for investment purposes.

What We Did

Whilst retaining the existing rental, subdivision consents and planning took place saving on holding costs. Then subdivision work started, followed by construction work. Because of being terraced housing all 4 houses needed to be built concurrently with minor staggering.

  • Planning permission and subdivision resource consents.
  • Collaborating with architect to prepare Building Consents.
  • Remove the existing old house, with much be recycled.
  • Civil works and building platform preparation carried out.
  • Optimising timeline by staggering work between houses.
  • Construction and landscaping of 4 new homes.
  • Preparing homes and landscaping for tenancy.
  • Rent out all new homes with letting agents.


On completion of this project we had...

  • Reduced holding costs by planning whilst receiving rent.
  • Turned 1 property into 4 freehold properties.
  • Built 4 brand new 3 storey homes, 182-187m2.
  • Provided open view outlooks to all properties.
  • Landscaped the entire site.
  • Location ideal for public transport and shopping centres.
  • Produced healthy equity gain, and significant yield gain.
  • Produced 4 sets of happy tenants.
  • Tenants found within one week, fast uptake.

Looking for a healthy return on investment?