Case Study - High End Home Subdivision

  • Location: East Coast Bays
  • Date: 2014-2017
  • Land Size: 2400m2
  • Complexity: High
  • Plan: Subdivide Into 5
  • Build: Add 4 New
  • Freestanding Homes

About The Project

Finding an off market property with 2400m2 of land in the established East Coast Bays, Auckland was a rare find. Though is was not by accident, it was part of our strategy. The site itself was far from flat, covered with 6m high bamboo, had an existing 1956 house on it, an old inground swimming pool and had the added difficulty of a minor stream running through the property. Whilst this presented challenges, it also brought great opportunity too.

Our plan was to subdivide into 5 freehold properties, keeping the existing house for renovation and building 4 brand new high end freestanding homes on freehold titles.

What We Did

With the challenges that this site presented we needed good planning, effective design, great execution, management and decision making. Through foresight, persistence and grit we conquered the challenges before us turning them into our favour. We took the slope of the land and turned it into a massive positive, giving every house great seaviews from multiple levels.

  • Sold the existing house, to free up funds.
  • Planning for subdivision Resource Consent.
  • Collaborating with architect to prepare Building Consents.
  • Civil works required for subdivision.
  • Providing solution for overland flow path.
  • Construction and landscaping of 4 new homes.
  • Preparing homes and landscaping for sale.
  • Selling homes on the open market.


On completion of this project we had...

  • Reduced holding costs by selling original house at the start.
  • Turned 1 large property into 5 medium properties 400-600m2
  • Built 4 brand new high end homes, 255-380m2
  • Provided good seaviews to all 5 properties.
  • Landscaped the entire 2400m2 site.
  • Designed and constructed a beautiful new inground pool.
  • Produced healthy profit/equity gain.
  • Generated 5 happy home owners.

Looking for a healthy return on investment?